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The Superstition Wilderness

Last Updated 5/5/2007
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Just an hour East of Phoenix, in the Tonto National Forest, lies a magical desert wilderness called The Superstitions. We will hike across across the entire 160,000 acre wilderness traversing many beautiful, seldom used trails. Towards the end of our trip, we will pull out the map and compass and hike off-trail, summitting 5900' Superstition Mountain in the process. Get away from your frigid climate, see a wild and largely unhiked section of the country.

Then, after you've sparked your fitness and lost some weight (or more accurately, improved body composition), come back to the bask in the hot tub at the Fiesta Inn.

Superstition Mountain, AZ


The Arizona Fitpacking Trip will be from March 17-28, 2007. Here is the proposed itinerary.


We don't believe in austere eating regimens. Backpacking is a rigorous, rewarding activity. You must feed your body in order for it perform. Your body will dictate that you eat often. It's important to have fuel to feed it. Check out the sample menus . Note that this is not necessarily a comprehensive list. If you want to bring a big old chocolate cake, go for it. You'll not only hate carrying it over 50 miles through the desert, your body will most likely not desire the empty calories anyway.

The Weaver's Needle, AZ

Equipment List

Here is a list of equipment we suggest you bring.

Who's Coming?

Here is a list of the participants so far. Why not get to know them before you meet them?


$1275 per person double occupancy. Here, double occupancy means that you will share a room with someone else during hotel nights.

You will also be responsible for transportation to and from Phoenix as well as any restaurant meals during off days.

Covered expenses include hotel stays, trail food, ground transportation, emergency satellite phone service and equipment we provide. Personal calls on the sat phone as well as restaurant meals are your responsibility.


Our journey will begin at the North end of Roosevelt Dam and traverse the entire Superstition Wilderness in a Southwest direction, including Reavis Ranch, the Weaver's Needle, and Superstition Mountain. Map and Compass skills are essential. Although we will teach these skills in Arizona, you may wish to read through a basic lesson

Maps will be provided in Arizona

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